Current Affairs & GK 20-April-2018 Ghatna Chakra

Current Affairs & GK 20-April-2018 Today

  • UK government has apologized to India on the incident of the tricolor being torn down in London. Protesters were gathering outside the Parliament Square in protest of Modi who came to attend bilateral and Chogm talks in London. Only then did some protesters tarnish the flag of India from the official flag on “Flag Pol” of 53 Commonwealth countries, on this incident the British Government has apologized to India.
  • Opposition has brought impeachment motion against Supreme Court Chief Justice Deepak Mishra. In the lead of the Congress, 7 opposition parties met Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu and submitted the proposal to them. Supreme Court in this regard, Attorney General K.K. Have asked for the support of Venugopal. The case will now be heard on May 7.
  • Amendment will be done in the law for the punishment of hanging on rape with children up to 12 years
    In the case of rape against minors, the Central Government has submitted a report to the Supreme Court. It states that in the cases of rape of children of 0-12 years of age, the government is going to make provision of death sentence. The Center has informed the Supreme Court through the report that the process of amendment in the POCSO Act has been initiated in the case of rape against children of 0-12 years, which resulted in death penalty as maximum punishment to the convicts. 
  • Mukesh Ambani reached number 24 in Fortune’s 50 list of celebrities Mukesh Ambani, a businessman involved in the list of the rich in Asia, has been named in the Fortune 50 list of celebrities. In this list, the well-known lawyer of the Supreme Court and human rights activist Indira Jaisingh and architect Balkrishna Doshi were also given the place. Mukesh Ambani is ranked 24th in this list. It is worth mentioning that the Ranking List of the World’s Greatest Pathfinder was released in World’s Greatest Leaders of 2018.


Updated: April 20, 2018 — 12:14 pm
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